Recommended IDE

I’m a bit confused with the types of IDE’s that are out there for Dezyne. To be fair, when downloading dezyne-ide, I expected one graphical interface to be installed. To my understanding however, that is not the case right? But instead the dezyne-ide consists of command line tools?

In the tutorial examples are given for IDE’s that may be used, but in the pictues it looks like there is an Eclipse IDE used. It seems this is the most fancy solution, where there the traces are shown in the IDE, and when clicking on the trace some code is highlighted as well.

  1. Am I missing something, is there one recommended IDE with the most advanced and integrated features?
  2. What is the deal with the Dezyne download and the Dezyne-IDE download? What is the difference between them and how do they relate together?

Many thanks!

addition: I notice now that clicking on the traces also corresponds with the line in VSCode, after installing the plugin dzn-lsp